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Eric Anthony Medeiros

Eric was the perfect child from the moment he was born.   His soft cry was an indication of the young man he would grow up to be.   Very intelligent, caring, loving, hardworking, gentle, loyal, very thoughtful, funny and extremely handsome.  His constant smile and gentle manner left an impression with all who met him no matter what age.   Wise beyond his years, an old soul most people would say.

He loved his family, friends, his cars and the pretty ladies, and they all loved him back.

Lets not forget that smile, the smile that could melt an iceberg, when he smiles its from within, you can look into those big brown eyes and see the wonderful soul inside. 

Eric embraced life, lived everyday to its fullest and encouraged everyone around him to do the same.   We should all take a lesson from him, for life is so short.  

A little more about Eric-----------

He was always by my side, my biggest cheerleader.   He had decided to test his wings, Eric and a few friends decided to rent a house together.    For days I knew something was up, but I waited for him to tell me.     He was so nervous,  then told me he was moving out, (of course I started crying) but " don't worry mom, I not that, far I'm just down the street."   He wasn't kidding.    He said he was keeping the house key, just in case.   I knew why, so he could raid my pantry when I wasn't there.     And he did.    The day came that I needed to try something new,  so I told him I was thinking of moving and trying a new place for a while.   He was supportive but I could see in his eyes, he was not OK with it.

It wasn't long before he came to visit and try it out.   Island life is pretty nice, and he loved it right away.    But I knew there was alot back home for him, his girl, his car, his friends.      He went back.     Then the phone rang,    "I miss you ma, can I come for good?"   my heart melted, I had been waiting to hear those words.     "are you sure?" I asked, he said  "yes, I have been thinking alot about it, I can always come back if I change my mind, plus I want to help you build the café"      Not only had I moved to a new place, but I started a new business.

Eric had been one of my managers back home and grew up around everything restaurant.    So I knew all I had to do was put the shirt on him and off he would be.

There are not many young men, who would drop everything in their lives to be near their mom, but Eric was different.      With Eric on board, we went on to be voted the best new restaurant in St Croix within our first 8 months, and many other awards for the next few years,  he completed everything I wanted my little place to be.   

He was determined, he worked hard.  Not just for me but he also worked at another restaurant,  he had a fantastic studio apartment with a view to die for.    He bought his car and was turning it into a beauty.    Never once complained about being tired, he always found some fun time.   

He also was the first person always there to help with our charity work and helping in the community.     He truly loved helping people and that made me so proud.     

As your life goes on from here

Remember that I’m always near

I am the waves upon the sea

Your smiles and tears are full of me

I am the island wind that blows

I am the evening stars that glow

I am the rainbows in the sky

The morning light, the clouds up high

A part of you I will always be

My name is ERIC, remember me.

Sunday Fun Day !!!!!

This is how Sundays are spent on St Croix :)

Grandparent and sister Love !!

Thank you for visiting 

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